we did it!         we reached the finish-line in ulaanbaatar on the 16th of august 2014!            have a look in our logbook for pictures and stories about our adventure!

Hello World!

We reached Mongolia!
On the 16th of August we reached the finish-line in Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar!

Have a look in our Logbook for stories and pictures from our adventure and under Impressions you will find the best pictures and comments (in German) from our presentation!

The Baatarnators
The Baatarnators, Mongol Rally 2014 (© Volker Weihbold, OÖN)

To avoid any confusion regarding what this all is about and what you will see, read and experience here, please imagine this:

You are in the middle of Tajikistan. The air conditioning in your 54-bhp Granny-Car is just failed. The next village is 348 kilometers away, and you've seen the last piece of real road three days ago - just as long as your two teammates have had the pleasure of a shower. It has 36 degrees Celsius.

How does that sound to you? For us, this sounds like an adventure! For more than 10 years The Adventurists organize the Mongol Rally. They send hundreds of students and tired-of-life adventurers from Europe to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. As a team we have decided that this madness can not go on!

At least not without us! Hell yeah!

To give you an idea how this all works and looks, The Adventurists have made a small introduction-video:

Still not convinced? To further unclog your imagination here are a few impressions from the Mongol Rally last year:

Source: The Adventurists

Want to learn more about the Challenge, our planned route, the infamous Baatarnators , our rally car or the actual purpose of the Mongol Rally? On this website you should find all those things, and if you do not, then please just contact us.